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Atlantis Dunes Cape Town - Quad Biking Adventure

Quad Biking

Gear up for an unforgettable Atlantis Dunes Cape Town adventure. Quad Biking is incredibly straightforward. Our expert guides are not only skilled but also exceptionally patient and accommodating, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

quad biking cape town

Visitor Guidelines

Atlantis Dunes Cape Town

  1. Make an online reservation: This will ensure and secure your spot for the day.
  2. Contact us if you need transportation: We can assist with arranging shuttle services to and from the Atlantis Dunes Cape Town.
  3. Arrive 30 minutes early: This will allow us to secure your access permits for the nature reserve and go through the necessary safety procedures with you.
  4. Acceptable Attire: Wear comfortable clothes (not too loose), sneakers, or takkies. For safety reasons, ensure your feet are not exposed.
  5. Minimum Age: 13 years. Children under 13 years can only be allowed to ride with an adult person. 
  6. Experience: None required—no driver’s license needed.
Atlantis Dunes Cape Town

Let out the child in you

Total play and fun.



Relatively Safe






All Weather


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